Long Island Property Owners' Complete Guide To Effective Termite Control


Termites are insects with six legs that consume cellulose, a natural, primary fiber found in wood. Most of the thousands of different termite species found in the world prefer consuming “dead” or water-damaged wood—but some will feed on live trees. Across the U.S., termite damage each year is estimated at more than five billion dollars. Keep in mind that most property insurance policies specifically exclude termite-related damage from the scope of coverage.

The most common types of termites found in this country include subterranean termites, damp wood termites, and dry wood termites.

What Do Termites look like? Termites generally range from 1/8 of an inch to one inch in length and often appear in white, tan, or black colors. Winged termite “swarmers” are often visible in the spring as they gather as part of their mating process. Termites may be mistakenly identified as flying ants, as they both have wings and antennae. Unlike winged ants that have two sets of wings of different lengths, termite wings are all the same length.

Do you suspect that termites have invaded an area on your property? A professional provider of Long Island pest control services has knowledge regarding the various ways of how to exterminate termites and what will kill termites quickly. 

The Role Termites Play In Our Ecosystem

Termites play an active role in natural environments by expediting the process of decomposition. The process occurs as termites break down dead trees and other plant materials, which return nutrients to the soil. Termites also might improve the quality of the earth through aeration. 

How A Termite Infestation Can Silently Destroy Your Home

In many situations, homeowners remain unaware of harmful termite activity within their property. Termites often penetrate deeply within wooden structures and erode the material from the interior; therefore, the destructive activity may go undetected when only glancing at the exterior.

What are signs of termites that I should know about? Look for any signs of moisture or warping along interior walls. Ceilings might begin sagging. Wooden floors may increasingly “creak” when walked upon. Windows and doors often will become more difficult to open and close.

How To Remove Factors That Attract To Termites To Your Home

Property owners may consider some of the following preventative measures, including: 

  • Move firewood storage piles far away from any wooden structure and promptly remove fallen trees or branches.
  • Consider alternatives to mulch. Although termites are unlikely to consume mulch, the material may preserve moisture within the soil below and help moderate soil temperature, which better accommodates termites. 
  • Limit sources of excessive moisture that might damage wooden areas, such as by keeping gutters and downspouts clear and fixing leaky hoses or spigots.
  • Routinely inspect wooden decks, fences, and sheds for any indications of termite activity.
  • Prevent any direct contact between wooden areas at the base of the structure and the soil. A thin barrier composed of stone or similar material will effectively prevent termite penetration.  

Those constructing a new home should verify that the builder included a form of termite protection as part of the development plans.

The Most Effective Termite Control For Your Long Island Property

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