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Pest Control In Queens, NY

Queens, NY, residents love the suburban feel of their community. It is the largest borough, with a population less than in Brooklyn, so Queens feels less like a big city. Residents frequently say that the population of pests outnumbers the population of people in Queens.

Ultimate Pest Control provides reliable pest control in Queens and the surrounding area. More than half of the population of NY has reported seeing pests like mice or cockroaches in the last three months. We offer effective treatments to keep your home from being one of those dealing with pest infestations.

Ultimate Pest Control can identify your pest problem, find the points of entry the pests are using, and return your home to its pest-free condition. We are confident in our treatment methods and offer a 100% service guarantee. We can make your home pest-free with our prompt, thorough, and affordable services.

Residential Pest Control In Queens

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Home pest control in Queens is an essential service for residents. Queens is an urban area where homes and businesses are close together, so pests like cockroaches, ants, spiders, and rodents do not have to travel far to find a new home. Because pests move so quickly from one home to another in densely populated areas, prevention is the key to stopping infestations.

Call Ultimate Pest Control with any of your pest concerns. We answer calls quickly, and even when we are busy, the owner will respond within 24 hours. If your pest problem requires immediate attention, we provide same-day services to ensure you are safe and nuisance pests and wildlife are adequately removed.

Commercial Pest Control In Queens

The closeness of the buildings makes commercial pest control in Queens more challenging than other buildings, and the number of older buildings offers more accessible access to pests. Each business has its own needs and pest concerns, and different industries require different approaches.

We know that pests in a restaurant or dining establishment will cause the owners significant grief. Pest presence can cause a business to lose its health inspection grades, reputation, or customers. Businesses in Queens know they need professional pest control services to keep their property free of pests.

Ultimate Pest Control works with each business to identify its unique pest problems and establish a bi-weekly or monthly service according to each business's particular situation. We want our commercial clients to have no concerns about pests contaminating their space or food or destroying their business's reputation.

How & Why Rodents Find Their Way Into Our Queens Homes

Rodents in Queens like mice and rats are something the majority of homeowners deal with from time to time. Many people ask how and why the animals are coming into their homes. We understand your frustration and concern about having rodents endanger your home's safety, sanitary conditions, wiring, insulation, and other components as well as your family's health.

The "why" is easy to answer. Your home offers them an opportunity to have food and water, comfort, and a safe place to build a nest and raise their young. How the rodents are getting in is a little more complicated. There are several ways they can gain entry, including:

  • Gaps and holes on the outside of the home
  • Loose mortar
  • Missing weatherstripping
  • In boxes brought in from storage

Rodent control in your Queens home requires a professional in order to be practical and effective. DIY methods may deal with one or two of the pests but will leave the majority unscathed. Ultimate Pest Control provides rodent control, removal, and prevention to keep these invaders away for good. We find their point of entry, remove any pests in the home, and locate the nest to ensure all rodents are evicted.

Call Ultimate Pest Control at the first sign of rodents before they have time to increase their numbers. Our technicians can identify the type of rodent you are dealing with, so they can effectively handle the issue and give you back a rodent-free home.

Total Wildlife Control For Queens Homes

Even in the city, wildlife can be a danger to homes and their residents. Wildlife control is needed in Queens to deal with the different animals that can bring health risks and property damage concerns to your residence.

Outdoor Queens pests that may become a nuisance include:

  • Squirrels
  • Raccoons
  • Opossums
  • Carpenter ants
  • Carpenter bees
  • Termites
  • Powder post beetles

Each species of wildlife that might become a nuisance for you requires specific removal methods, treatment, and prevention. Our team will identify the species that are present on your property, recommend an appropriate treatment plan, and ensure that your wildlife problem has been thoroughly solved.

If the wildlife around your Queens home is becoming a nuisance, call Ultimate Pest Control. We can remove them from your home and stop them from returning so your life can return to normal.

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