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The idyllic suburbs of Oceanside, NY, are a thing of legend. This city of 30,000 people is well known as one of the most expensive zip codes in the United States, populated by some of the best and brightest in all of North America.

It's hard to find something not to love in Oceanside, NY. But for local home and business owners with experience in the area, one thing comes to mind -- the overwhelming presence of pest activity.

Finding some form of Nassau County pest control is critical in Oceanside. The humid climate and temperate summers invite a host of dangerous animals to take over human buildings. A single bite, sting, or scratch is all it takes to create serious health concerns, while household damages force property values to plummet in an instant.

Nobody deserves to live under the threat of pest invasion, and at Ultimate Pest Control, we believe it's our duty to create a pest-free environment with home pest control services. Armed with decades of experience and state-of-the-art technology, we've combined brains with brawn to create the ultimate form of pest control.

See why thousands of Oceanside home and business owners trust the home pest control services of Ultimate Pest Control. Our team is standing by to receive your call anytime during business hours.

Residential Pest Control In Oceanside

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They say that home is where the heart is, but when pests find a way to invade your private space, any time spent at home feels more like a nightmare than a welcome reprieve.

Take back your home from an onslaught of pest activity with Ultimate Pest Control's local pest control services. Protecting the Oceanside area for many years, we're just a phone call away from assisting with:

  • Ants
  • Mosquitoes
  • Termites
  • And much more

Call today to request local pest control services delivered right to your door. Ultimate Pest Control would be happy to answer any and all questions before your first visitation.

Commercial Pest Control In Oceanside

The businesses that call Oceanside home are some of the most impressive buildings in Nassau County. But as is the case with any establishment, commercial pest control is a must for ongoing security. Failing to survey your property correctly may lead to serious repercussions down the road, the least of which is reduced word of mouth, lowered reviews, and a disappointed customer base. 

Give your Oceanside business the gift of commercial pest control services with professional applications from Ultimate Pest Control. Using a customized approach, our team will apply personalized solutions as your commercial pest control partner:

  • 100% pest free guarantees
  • Eco-friendly and health-conscious pest applications
  • Multiple NYS DEC certifications

Ultimate Pest Control is the commercial pest control partner you need for Oceanside pest management efforts. Request a quote today to get started.

What To Do About Dangerous Wildlife On Your Oceanside Property

Oceanside is a nature lover's dream come true. With miles of coastline, parks, and hiking trails, there's no shortage of ways to explore the great outdoors. Unfortunately, the conditions that make Oceanside so beautiful also support a wide array of wildlife species -- including opossums, skunks, bats, and more.

If you spot a wildlife animal near your property, we recommend:

  • Observing the animal from a safe distance
  • Not approaching or handling the animal in any way
  • Keeping children and pets away from the area
  • Contacting Ultimate Pest Control for wildlife control services

With Ultimate Pest Control by your side, there's no wildlife infestation you can't handle. Our experts specialize in all forms of animal control, from common household pests to legally protected exotic species. No matter how unique the situation may be, our team has the tools and experience necessary to resolve the problem with speed and skill. Contact us today to learn more about our wildlife control services.

Keeping Wasps & Yellow Jackets Out Of Oceanside Homes & Yards

The warmer months bring plenty of sunshine and outdoor fun, but they also usher in a new crop of stinging insects. If you're not careful, wasps and yellow jackets can quickly take over your Oceanside property, putting you and your family at risk for painful stings. 

Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to keep these pests at bay:

  • Keep food and drinks covered when outdoors

  • Trim overgrown vegetation

  • Eliminate sources of standing water

  • Call for stinging insect control services

If you already have a wasp or yellow jacket problem, the best course of action is to contact Ultimate Pest Control for professional stinging insect control services. Our same-day and emergency service provisions are available as soon as you need them.

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