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Offering a bustling, thriving community, Long Island provides residents diverse activities, unique cultural opportunities, and fantastic neighborhoods for all walks of life. The area has perfect spots for raising families, settling down, or for young professionals to work and play in the same place. Residents can benefit from the many restaurants, small businesses, and outdoor opportunities in the area. Unfortunately, pests also benefit from the many busy structures on Long Island and can easily infiltrate homes or businesses, raising a need for pest control in Long Island.

Our team of expert technicians at Ultimate Pest Control knows how important protecting your Long Island home or business against pests is, and we stop at nothing to help you achieve this goal. With our customized commercial and residential pest control plans, we can provide any area structure with the reliable pest control you need to ensure the health and safety risks that pest invaders bring stay far away.

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Residential Pest Control On Long Island

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As leaders in residential pest control solutions for Long Island properties, there’s no infestation of pests that our technicians at Ultimate Pest Control can’t eliminate. We ensure that our residential pest control plans start with a conversation about your specific pest concerns and an in-depth inspection that identifies your pest issues. Once we narrow down your pest problems, we provide treatment solutions that meet your needs and ideally target your pest problem areas. After our initial treatment, you can benefit from ongoing maintenance plans at regular intervals to ensure pest control.

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Commercial Pest Control In Long Island

With over forty years of local pest control experience, Ultimate Pest Control provides your business with the reliable commercial pest control services needed to keep all kinds of pests at bay. We begin our commercial pest control plans with a thorough inspection of your property that helps us customize our treatment solutions to your property’s needs. We also offer monthly or bi-weekly services that allow you to stay ahead of pest problems and protect your business from the damage that unwanted pest invaders can bring.

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Long Island's Ultimate Rodent Prevention Handbook

Not only are rodents unsightly critters on your Long Island property, but they can also be quite dangerous due to the diseases they spread and the property damage they cause. You can follow these rodent prevention tips to keep all types of rodents away from your home or business:

  • Seal potential rodent entry points such as cracks or holes around windows, doors, and your home's foundation. Use a chew-proof material like steel wool for this process.

  • Store all leftover food properly, and consider using airtight plastic containers in pantry areas to keep rodents out.

  • Make sure you dispose of trash promptly and tightly seal trash bags in addition to using trash cans with tight-fitting lids to prevent the aromas from attracting rodents.

  • Remove outdoor rodent harborage areas like overgrown grass and foliage and eliminate piles of fallen fruit, leaves, and branches.

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Five Common Wildlife Problems For Long Island Residents

Even though some wildlife critters might look cute from a distance, pest wildlife invaders on your Long Island property can potentially cause significant issues. Here we will discuss five of the most common wildlife problems that Long Island residents might encounter:

  1. Disease transmission is a significant problem when wildlife enters your property. Illnesses such as plague, rabies, hantavirus, and salmonella, among many others, can easily be transported to your property by all types of wildlife.
  2. Wildlife critters often carry parasitic pests in their furs, such as ticks, mites, and fleas. As they drop them off on your property, further pest problems and health issues can arise.
  3. Property destruction caused by wildlife critters can be extensive, whether gnawing at wood and materials or leaving behind droppings.
  4. Wildlife infestations around your property can make it dangerous to spend time outside due to the presence of aggressive animals, such as raccoons or skunks, that you might accidentally stumble across.
  5. As wildlife infiltrates spaces in your home, they risk contaminating food storage areas, spreading unpleasant odors, and triggering allergic issues.

Additionally, you should note that wildlife control is best left to the professionals; encountering wildlife pests without the proper protective equipment and wildlife removal know-how can be dangerous. Contact Ultimate Pest Control for all of your wildlife pest control needs.

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