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There are few things better than waking up, going for a drive, and seeing the Atlantic Ocean. This is just one of the many benefits that come from living here in Deer Park, NY. Unfortunately, living on an island does not create separation from pest problems. There are many local insects, rodents, and other invasive creatures that love to invade homes and businesses. Fortunately, there are methods to protect your property from invasion. Take some time today to learn more about pest control in Deer Park and discover some advice about avoiding certain pests in our area. Call us directly to discuss your options for pest control with one of our friendly representatives. Our team at Ultimate Pest Control is here to help!

Residential Pest Control In Deer Park

A home is defined by its ability to protect its residents from negative weather conditions and other things that might bring harm or discomfort. Many modern homes are built with mechanisms that deter pests, like insulation with incorporated pesticides. Older homes do not have this same consideration. If you regularly find pests inside your Deer Park residence, you must take action to find the freedom you deserve. One way to combat pest problems is by hiring our team of professionals at Ultimate Pest Control. We are a local provider that offers comprehensive residential pest control options to service homes in our community. Reach out to us today to learn how our services can benefit you and your property and request a free quote.

Commercial Pest Control In Deer Park

Pests are not just a problem for homeowners. They are also a threat to businesses all across New York. From destructive insects like termites to hungry rodents like rats, there are many different types of pests that can cause damage to your property and reputation. The best way to stop pests from damaging your property, scaring your customers, and contaminating your food is to invest in commercial pest control from Ultimate Pest Control. Our team partners with local business owners to ensure our treatments are adjusted to meet their needs. Get started by contacting our team. We will discuss details and schedule an appointment for service for your business property to assess what level of protection you need.

Expert Advice About Mosquito Control In Deer Park

Mosquitoes are one of, if not the most annoying pests around the globe. They are certainly the most harmful. These yard insects like to bite people and animals alike and can spread diseases through their piercing mouthparts. The question is, what methods work best to keep these pests off your property? You could start with some DIY strategies. These mostly involve eliminating water sources where mosquitoes breed and reducing other factors that draw these pests to properties. Here are a few basic tips and tricks we recommend doing to reduce populations around your yard. 

  • Change out the water in bird baths and ornate pools once a week or invest in systems that self-circulate water to eliminate eggs before they hatch.
  • Eliminate sources of water build-up around your property. You will have to do this after every rainfall for this to be most effective. 
  • Make sure your gutters are in good working condition and that they are not aiding in water build-up around your home or business building’s exterior. 

Although helpful, DIY methods will only get you so far. If you want total protection, you need to bring in a professional. We have many amazing mosquito control options at Ultimate Pest Control. These options work to control and reduce mosquitoes. 

Three Things Deer Park Residents Can Do to Avoid Rodents

Rodent control is not easy, especially if you are trying to address an active infestation of these pests on your property. Although still challenging, rodent prevention can be accomplished without professional help. This mainly involves these three strategies:

  1. Make sure your home’s exterior is properly sealed. You might have to fill in holes, gaps, and cracks with a caulking gun, repair damage to windows and doors, replace damaged screens and install screens over exterior pipes and ventilation to make this happen. 

  2. Eliminate food and water sources inside and around your home or business. Cleaning will only get you so far with this. You will also want to monitor trash cans and other places where rodents might look to find food.

  3. Reduce harborage opportunities on your property. Rodents like to hide in cluttered areas. By cleaning up your yard, shed, storage areas, and living spaces, you will take away opportunities for rats and mice to create a home inside your home or business.

If you are dealing with an active rodent infestation or are looking for a professional way to deter these pests, talk with us. Ultimate Pest Control is here to meet your needs regardless of what pests are causing you trouble in Deer Park. Request a free quote today.

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