Long Island Homeowners’ Guide To Effective Ant Control

ants on food crumbs

For as long as humans have been gathering inside of homes, ants have been drawn to the food and shelter our homes provide and found ways to get inside. To avoid an ant infestation, you can’t just react to ant populations once they are noticeable. Instead, you need to be proactive. For pest control in Long Island to help you avoid ant problems in your home, turn to the pros at Ultimate Pest Control today. 

How To Tell If You Have An Ant Infestation 

One of the reasons it can be problematic to only address pest problems once you notice them is that pests, especially ants, are very good at hiding. Ants can live underground, within walls, or stick to the areas of your home that you aren’t checking every single day to stay hidden. It’s probably only when they are crawling around on your food or countertops that you’ll truly pay attention to these tiny pests. But effective ant control requires a comprehensive approach that includes detailed inspections and treatments. At Ultimate Pest Control, we provide superior ant control in Long Island that will prevent ant populations from growing unmanageable. 

The Issues Ant Infestation Create In Homes  

People often wonder what problems really come with an ant infestation. Well, while most ants aren’t considered dangerous to people or pets, some varieties can cause serious issues. Plus, all ant infestations can carry steeper consequences. Here’s why ant control in your house is vital:

  • Contamination: All ants can contaminate food sources since all ants are scavengers that are looking for stored goods to get into. They will also take advantage of crumbs and traces of food left behind after meals.
  • Damage: Carpenter ants can chew through household wood just like termites do. This property damage can be costly and even dangerous in the long run, especially if the infestation isn’t addressed quickly.
  • Health Threats: While the most common ant varieties don’t carry diseases or bite people, there are others, like fire ants, that can pose direct threats to our bodies.

To avoid these problems entirely, partner with Ultimate Pest Control for ant control in Long Island.

The Secret To Total Ant Control For Long Island Homes 

No one wants gross bugs crawling around their home, so it makes sense why so many homeowners turn to DIY methods and store-bought insecticides to try and clamp down on growing ant populations. However, truly effective ant control solutionsonly come from experts. DIY solutions likely won’t eliminate the entire ant colony, and if a queen is allowed to survive, the problem will come right back. Still, people often turn to over-the-counter insecticides or the sprays you can buy at a department store. These may be effective, or they may be dangerous to spray around your loved ones. Rather than rolling the dice and wasting your money on solutions that might not work, go with the proven ant control solutions from Ultimate Pest Control instead. The safest and most guaranteed pest control treatments come from professionals, so turn directly to the pros instead of bothering with other, less reliable pest control methods. 

Tips For Preventing Future Ant Infestations 

Since it’s better to get started on your pest control efforts before pests have the chance to invade, here are some ant prevention tipsyou can implement to make your Long Island home less susceptible to ant infestations: 

  • Remove Food Sources: Ants can survive on crumbs, but they will also flock to stored foods and the scraps we throw away in the trash. To avoid attracting ants, you need to make sure all these potential food sources have been addressed properly.
  • Address Moisture Issues: Ants are also drawn to areas with moisture, so proper ventilation and drainage are also important. You should address leaky pipes or roof segments quickly, too.
  • Prevent Access: Even tiny cracks or holes can be access points for tiny little bugs, so any vulnerabilities will need to be sealed to keep ants out. One benefit of frequent home inspections is spotting areas that need to be repaired before pests can utilize them.

Get guidance on your ant prevention efforts with help from the experts at Ultimate Pest Control. Contact us today to get started with a home inspection or for treatments that will shield your home from problematic pests, including ants.

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