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Scott Perry & Patrick Smith, both 20-year Veterans of the NYPD and FDNY, partnered in 2018 to bring over 60 years of combined pest control experience to the table. But the story did not start there. Scott's father, Tom Perry, founded TP Exterminators in 1976, beginning Scott's pest control career at a young age. Patrick then met Tom Perry during his time in the NYPD. While looking for a new business, Tom acted as Patrick's mentor and taught him the ropes, allowing Patrick to found Ultimate Pest Control in 1995. Scott and Patrick worked closely together during their respective careers with TP Exterminators and Ultimate Pest Control, and eventually founded Indoor Air Quality Technologies, an environmental company, in 2003. 

Having been partners already for 15 years, when Tom Perry retired in 2018 (and with Scott and Patrick retired from their day jobs as FDNY firefighters), it just felt natural for the two to combine forces. TP Exterminators and Ultimate Pest Control merged, bringing the new & improved Ultimate Pest Control to the market!

Ultimate Pest Control is now an industry leader in pest control solutions for Long Island and the 5 Boroughs. Experts in Residential, Commercial, and Institutional pest control, we are uniquely experienced and qualified to tackle your pest control issues no matter how big or small. We hold several NYS DEC certifications including Food & Beverage, Structural & Rodent, Ornamental & Turf, Mosquitoes, Public Health, and Termites. Providing discreet, rapid, and friendly service, Ultimate Pest Control is highly regarded in the community.

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